The Sauna Guide

First Sauna Info

 Please make sure you have checked you are able to use the sauna before you arrive. You can find details about this here.

If it is your first time using the sauna you will be given a full induction by a knowledgeable member of our team. They will give you a demonstration of how the sauna and its various features work. We will answer any questions you have and offer you a tour around our facilities.

We suggest 5 sauna sessions within a few months of each other to start with. It is important to start with a shorter cooler sauna and build up over time. We recommend starting at around 15 mins and working you way up to 40.

Sauna sessions last an hour. An hour and a half is given for each session to allow time for showering pre and post sauna. Sessions take place in your own private sauna, with your own shower in the room.

Your Sauna Session

– Before Your Sauna – 

Try to avoid stimulants like caffeine before your sauna – this will help you to relax. 

Make sure you are well hydrated prior to your sauna starting.

Don’t apply any oils or lotions to your skin prior to your sauna, it’s best for your skin to be clean.

We don’t wear shoes inside to keep everything clean and comfy, you can go bare foot or bring some indoor shoes or flip flops to wear.

Have a small snack or wait a few hours if you’ve had a big meal – you don’t want to be too full or hungry!

Being on time for your appointment is perfect, no need to be early.

Download a playlist or something to watch onto your device for your sauna if you wish, there is a Bluetooth speaker in there and a stand to prop your screen up!

– During Your Sauna –

We ask people to arrive clean and ready to enter the sauna – usually with nothing but a towel to lean on to soak up the sweat  (swim wear can be worn if preferred – don’t forget a bag to put it in afterwards). 

We will set the sauna at an initial temperature and you can turn it up or down if you want to once you’re in. It’s important to build up the heat gradually, becoming acclimatised to infrared heat slowly. 

Start with 15 mins and work your way up to longer and warmer sessions over time. 40 mins is the max recommended time in the sauna, then use the rest of your 60 min session to sit and sweat, relax, rehydrate and refresh with lots of water.

There is Medical Grade Chromotherapy in the sauna, light therapy will be set up by us on arrival if you would like it.

– After Your Sauna –

We provide shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in our beautiful walk in showers, as well as soft bamboo towels. We have built time in to each booking for you to enjoy a shower after sauna.

If you are floating after your sauna, please bring a robe or loose clothing to wear to walk down the floatation rooms.

The facilities are thoroughly cleaned between each sauna.  We are also cleaning all touch points between each appointment.