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Floatation Therapy
Float effortlessly in 10 inches of Epsom salt water - for your mind, body and soul. Find out more about how this works using the button below.
Floatation Therapy
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Float for your Mind, Body & Soul


Deepen meditation and mindfulness

Find a place of serene relaxation 

Experience sensory reduction 

Reduce stress

Reduce anxiety

Increase sleep quality 


Relieve muscle tension

Reset your nervous system 

Lower cortisol levels and detoxify

Replenish your hair and skin 

Improve recovery rates 

Supports pain management


Focus inward to your ‘Self’

Explore your consciousness

Harness your creativity 

Cultivate pure awareness

Expand and develop

Spiritual exploration

What to Expect

The Floatation Experience

Float sessions are usually a full hour in the pod.

Each pod is in a private room, with your own shower,

The water is body temperature and the space is quiet and lowly lit, enabling the magic of sensory deprivation to occur.

Investing in Floatation Therapy

By investing in floating, you are investing in your self. 

Choose from a single float, a package, or a membership.

 If you’re new to floating we recommend you try 3 sessions before you make your mind up, it takes a few goes to get used to the amazing sensation of floating!

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Our Customers Say

Wow, wow, wow! Had my third float today and they just get better and better each time. I wish I had found out about floating sooner as now I can't live without them. Amazing service too - love the tea and sorbet!
My first experience of the infrared sauna - it was so good! I have a back issue and this was very transformative - my movements were so much easier afterwards, and you really do feel the warmth throughout your bones and your body. Then the relaxation room after adds another great dimension. Next time - a sauna followed by a float! The ultimate experience. Excellent shower and surroundings, thank you.
Well, what can I say! 🙂 My first time experiencing the sauna and then followed by my monthly float. I have had the most wonderful experience, I feel energized and grounded - thank you so much, will now be my monthly treat for my well-being 🙂
A truly amazing experience. I wasn't sure I'd be able to 'switch off' from my stressful life but as soon as you step in to such a warm welcome and beautiful surroundings it's easy to relax. The floatation itself was so peaceful I awoke feeling completely refreshed and cannot wait to come back.
5th Float I think and I have tried many things to relax and floating is the only thing that's worked! It's absolutely amazing and I feel truly relaxed and calm, it's the most amazing experience. You are so welcomed and the tea and sorbet are divine. Looking forward to the next 5! Thank you so much, you don't know how much you've changed my life.
Super first float for me today, I had forgotten what true silence felt like. Lower back pain seems somehow relieved - akin to that post massage feeling 🙂 I'll be back.... 10/10 Thank you for the refreshing tea and sorbet!

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