Embrace the Moment & Drift Away
"This experience was a first for me. I highly recommend this for many reasons, mine being to reach a higher consciousness spiritually, to embrace the moment & let everything else drift away..."
For Mind, Body & Soul
"So relaxing, lovely staff, a great experience for mind body and soul"
Peace & Quiet... Truly Bliss
"I spent the most wonderful time having a float session at Soul Spa. The reception and care I received was amazing and I left feeling totally relaxed, and having the peace and quiet I needed was truly bliss. Thank you to all at the Spa for making my day!! I shall be seeing you again soon. Highly recommend you take a visit!!"
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Our minds can be busy stressful places. They can also be a wonderful tool. 

Floating helps to focus your mind inwards where you can find a place of calm relaxation with nothing external to process. It supports clear thinkingenhanced creativity and can lead to insightful experiences. Take the time to quiet your mind, reflect and meditate.

On a physical level, Floating can increase the generation of theta waves. These are like the ‘twilight’ waves, between being awake and asleep. It is this time, when your brain is functioning at this slow, steady frequency that you’re most likely to experience visualisations‘light bulb’ moments and creative ideas. This is a state of being which people who meditate spend decades cultivating! 

Floating also stimulates our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS). This pathway is concerned with detoxifying, nourishing, repairing and relaxing us. Not only does this reduce stress responses, it also can cultivate a higher tolerance for stress, which last for days.

The PSNS is opposite to the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). The SNS is associated with protection, and commonly the ‘fight or flight’ response. On the other hand, the activation of the PSNS can lower many of the hormones and bodily chemicals related to stress and stress-related illness, depression and anxiety.

There is also evidence that floating supports the increase of the feel good hormones – dopamine and endorphins – usually associated with exercise. 

The intention of your float and how ‘active’ you are during that time is up to you. You can relax to a whole new level with no effort what so ever from you. All you need to do is show up and lay in the tank! You could also use the safe introspective space to really listen to your thoughts, process experiences and emotions or problem solve.

Last but not least, nearly every single person who has floated with us has had an amazing nights sleep afterwards! This has been linked to the increase of certain hormones, decrease of others and the cultivation of deep relaxation (possibly the absorption of magnesium too). How ever it works, we all love it! 

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